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I help women communicate with confidence in those crucial, high-stakes moments.

We find ourselves in critical, high-stakes situations all the time.

Whether it’s a speech you’ve been asked to give on a big stage, a meeting you’re in charge of, a video shoot for your business, a job interview, or a difficult conversation with your boss or your child’s teacher, I work with you to ensure you’re saying the right things in the right way—so that you’re communicating the message you want out into the world.

How will you handle your next communications challenge? Don’t wing it and leave it to chance…the stakes are high!



“I was asked to say a few words at a ceremonial event and I was absolutely petrified! The last time I made a public speech, I was completely unprepared, disorganized and ended up making a fool of myself because I blabbed and cried unnecessarily.

I, fortunately, met Jennifer at a networking event, heard what she could do for people, and saw the light at the end of the tunnel!

Jennifer was patient, understanding, and creative. She was able to take my chaotic thoughts and rearrange them so they made sense. She provided structure and ideas but more importantly, she listened to my story and uncovered what I really wanted to say. Because of Jennifer, I stood before 400 people and relayed an unforgettable message! Jennifer instilled confidence in me and I am sure if afforded the opportunity, will do the same for you.”

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-Shellane Ogoshi, Certified Financial Planner and Hofstra University Hall of Fame Inductee on her Induction Speech


The words you say are incredibly important.

But that’s just the start….

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Did you know that over half of what we communicate is done non-verbally through our body language and tone of voice?

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To impact others, you need to:

Say the right words,

and deliver them in the right way.

(by using positive body language).

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Here’s how I can help you:

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Ace your next big job interview.

Go all in. Don’t go in half-prepared. Learn how to differentiate yourself—to shine and win the job you really want! We’ll work together to develop your personal brand story and build your confidence so you can ace your interview.

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Create and deliver a compelling presentation.

Stop fearing the spotlight! Take advantage of this opportunity, because a strong presentation can elevate your status. I’ll help you create and practice your knock-out speech, so you feel competent and confident delivering your message. Show up as an authority and you’ll level up in the eyes of your stakeholders.

Resolve personal or professional conflicts with a “win-win”.

Conflict resolution isn’t a zero-sum game. It is possible to get what you want even when the only way to get it is by having a difficult conversation. Don’t avoid the conversation or jeopardize an important relationship by saying whatever you want in the moment. Go in with a strategy and walk out having achieved your objectives without destroying key relationships.

Don’t underestimate the power of preparation and coaching to help you win your next communication challenge.


What are my credentials?

Leverage my 25+ years of Corporate experience presenting to various audiences along with teaching, coaching, and navigating uncommon, difficult, and critical conversations with clients and stakeholders. I did this every single day of my career, so I’ve got a lot of real world experience to lean on.

Plus…I love communicating. Speaking, writing, teaching, and coaching are my jam.

(This is me pictured with Guy Raz of NPR’s podcast “How I Built This”. In case you didn’t know, I also host my own podcast! Learn more about me + my podcast by clicking below)

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Let’s get communicating.

I’d love to work 1-1 with you on your upcoming event. But I also offer other services (workshops, speaking, etc). Learn more about my services by scheduling a time to chat.